Pick up, pick up, pick up the pieces
Turn your back around
You don’t need him now
Please believe, you will see
When you turn around to leave that, say
I don’t need that

I know dudes can be dicks I am one
Messed around with girls never called them
Always thought that I was on top
Never wanted to stop
It was the next one the next spot
Dudes can be messed up and I know
Me and Bren yeah we messed around, so we know
But I’m telling you, just telling you girl

She thought he loved her but he acting
She asked me why do men do bad things?
Now she wonders what she’s lacking
Cause all she really wanted was his last name
But her last man, used to tell heavy lies
Out every night, couple chicks on the side
Believe you’ll be doing alright
If you keep your head high, it’s a lesson for life

I know that you think you
Will never find another one
But you’ll be going out with your friends
And laughing again, he’ll be losing out in the end
I know that he made you
Feel like you never felt before
But think about the times he mistreated
You don’t really need it
Girl you gotta leave it and just
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Pick Up The Pieces Lyrics