I watched TV til the sun rose
Fell asleep in the same clothes
Woke up alone, picked up the phone
And called the one I said I’d never call again

I need to lose a number
Someone take my phone away

It starts with a little tiny trigger, that sparks an even bigger
Memory that rushes over my body, blood begins to simmer
My heart beats a little faster, cuz I’ve been hurt
And now the feelings coming back, and I’m looking around
Nobody notices now, don’t let this happen again
How can I be so weak and, hold the phone like I’ve done before
And know everything I’m doing is wrong

It gets so bad sometimes, especially after late nights
A little drink, feels like I’m doing alright
Then it hits me, grips me quickly
Takes me to that dark place I know, but now I gotta know
Just a little more, thinking answers will alleviate the paranoia
I hold the phone like I’ve done before
Still everything I’m doing is wrong

Won’t you please pick up the phone
We haven’t spoken in so long
I can’t help myself, I just need to know
How this ended so wrong
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Lose A Number Lyrics