I remember as a kid wishin' I was seventeen
No more school, my own car.
Back then it was all a dream
Then came the day to say goodbye
To the room that was once mine
One last look at my old world then
I closed the door behind, to

Yesterday, everything was easy
Livin' life like there was no tomorrow
Now everyday memories still remind me
How good things used to be yesterday

Well thirty-five soon rolled around
And everything had changed
I could count friends on one hand and
The good times weren't the same
But finally I cam to understand why people say
Don't spend all your childhood wishin'
The best years away


Now I'm longin' for the freedom
That I let slip away
I took it all for granted
Now it's gone like yesterday

[Chorus: x2]

Remembering all those years, yesterday
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Yesterday Lyrics

Keith Urban – Yesterday Lyrics

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