It's the start of something brand new - It's the start of the closing line
With the door cracked an inch or two - Do I dare set my foot inside?
Do I love you then lose you - Or do I put my trust in time?
Do I let myself refuse to count on a fateful dream of mine?
Within me - It tugs on - My heartstrings - And I know
It's just a sky of silver gray - Just a narrow passageway
Just a song cut off halfway - Just another Monday rain
Would I spend a week in the heart of the city-in the center
Of your heart? For a flash of fame before I'd lose the game
And stuck on the outskirts and back at the start now there's
No price I would not pay for the superlative insured so i'll
Light the candle, hope it does not melt away but what if patience
Brings reward?
Its raining harder now ooooo(4x)
Within me-it tugs on-my heartstrings-my heart sings
This anthem of misery its consequence or providence
Yes I'm on the fence of imminence and nothing to gain
Drenched in the monday rain
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Monday Rain Lyrics

Kate Voegele – Monday Rain Lyrics