I go to Jacob wit 25 thou, you go wit 25 hundred, Wow
I got eleven plaques on my wall right now
You got your first gold single damn nigga, Wow

H to the Izzo did 3 thou spins in a week
You get a thou in a month, Wow
Y'all niggas want credit but y'all need to slow down
Kanye to the killin y'all from Chi-town, how your wife gon say
She never sold drugs a day in her life, but she still wanna pump the Ye
And y'all mad 'cause y'all not knowin, 'cause these canaries so yellow
When y'all pull up whether to stop or keep goin
I got G's, rock Rock n Roll tees wit no sleeves
Tats showin, tucked in strap showin
How he get seven tv's in that 'Ђ
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WoW Lyrics

Kanye West – WoW Lyrics