Drive slow, homie(If you ridin' around the city with nowhere to go)Drive slow, homie(Live today, cause tomorrow man, you never know)You never know, homieMight meet some hoes, homieYou need to pump your brakes and drive slow, homie[Kanye West]My car's like the movie, my car's like the cribI got mo TV's in here than where I live[GLC]And that don't make no sense, but baby I'm the shitAnd everything I flip, you know it's somethin seriousI got the custom grill, I got the Bravis rimsI got the baller genetics baby this evidenceYou see a player flickin', and how you ain't convincedThat you should go on and kiss it, just a lil bit (just a lil bit)I wearin my custom kicks, I got my Jesus chainMy canary's is gleamin', through my angel wingsThey see me, hoes actin' like they seen a kingWith that mean lean, smokin on that finest Cali greenMy woodgrain oak, I'm ridin on VoguesMy cylinder quiet, like tip-toesI sold O's, and this I knowWhen you see them hoes, lil homie drive slow *echoes*(Tony Williams harmony ad-libs)[T.I.]Lookin' at the life through my rearview, all the problems I hadCould be seen a lot clearer after time had passedKnown for livin' so fast, they wonder how he don't crashWith 220 on the dash, he constantly mashin'(Why don't he slow down?) They be constantly askin'But me in the fast lane is like metal and magnetsNow I ain't tryna say that it's the way of the massesBut it, so hard to change, I love this shit with a passionSince me and Sigel cuttin' classes, showin' our assShootin' out in broad day in the middle of trafficI remember sellin' crack faster than I could bag itA shame I ain't playin' with you shorty, I ain't braggin'Me and Cap got life, some other folk got blastedHad a partner OD'd and after this all happenedIt's like the only thing that kept a pimp from cryin' and laughin'And the Lord smiled on me at the end of the madnessI never thought that I'd make it this far rappin'For introducin' the youth to what we now call trappin'Considered now a classic, who'da imagined?Me in Milano, gettin' models in next year's fashionsSo nowadays, they can call me old fashionedBut it's way too much cash to see blue lights flashin'So I guess the moral of this here class isLife about who make it now not about who make it the fastestDrive slow homieDri, uh dri slowly
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Drive Slow (Remix) Lyrics