This... s titis just unrealistic Where!
the god damn haters in the room You?
gotta have a hater Hmmm!
is there a hater in the room Uh?
is, there a hater in the room Is?
there a hater in the room One?

two, three F!
k**you niggers Can't... have anything Put,
these niggers down Don't!
bring a chance upon niggers So!
f k**you b s*****Can't,
... have anything F,
k**you b s*****Got!
me some hating a b** s*****Cause,...
you're so B... s*****Bad!
n r****lining on here getting, on b s*****Why!
you're worried about these niggers Got,
our own s titwill, f k**with those niggers Get!
... you Just... like honey too, Yeah!
that's, right n r****b, schlonget money too, I!
pull over in a two seat for only two Me.
in a bad b h***cause that's just what I do And!
I To... tell a n r****f k**you Move!
back dirty, money coming through Cause!
that's a mother f gay***pimp Up
in the sky's got my name on the Cause...
I'm a mother f gay***problem B,
h***you got it But...
I come and rebel While!
you reach with me I'll, fight with b s*****They'll,
be singing
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We Mobbin Lyrics

K Michelle – We Mobbin Lyrics