I got a gal and she's so sweet
She's the cutest little thing you did ever meet
That's the craziest chick I ever had
Aah, just one thing, she stutters like mad
And she said...
[Chorus:] Mumblin', mumblin', mum-mum
Ninety-nine, nighty-nine-nine, ah-ah
Mumblin', mumblin', mum-mum
Ninety-nine, nighty-nine-nine, woh
I took my girl for a bite to eat
To the little drive-in down the street
Aah, the waitress said 'How do you do? '
She said 'What can I do for you? '
My girl said...
(Repeat chorus)
I got weak and asked for her hand
I even bought a wedding band
And though I'm not the marryin' type
I said c'mon and be my wife
And she said...
(Repeat chorus twice)
A good thing that she stuttered so long
When she finally said 'yes', I was gone
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Mumblin' Mosie Lyrics

Johnny Otis Show – Mumblin' Mosie Lyrics

Songwriters: OTIS
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