I feel like I'm living in a movie of my life
Someone else is playing me, Someone I don't really like.
I am just an extra and I don't have many lines
I'm just standing in the shadows of the corners of my mind

While the scene goes on
And the story rolls along and I'm just watching
Me and my life
I'm just watching my days go by
Can't I stop the action for a while
And find out "who am I supposed to be?"
Cuz that don't look like me

I feel like I'm sleeping and the dream that I am dreaming
Is the nightmare I'm afraid I just might live when I'm awake
Will I miss my only line? Will I miss my time to shine?

If I lose myself in life
Would you remind me, please
To play my part as I'm assigned
And you'll direct the scene
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Movie Of My Life Lyrics

Justin McRoberts – Movie Of My Life Lyrics