Hmmmm ya

My Eyes Adored Ya
Ya ya

Girl, You're Deep inside each day
Waiting for the courage that never came
You went on your way without a clue
That these adoring eyes, They longed for you

I tried to get real close to you
Hoping that you would see through my disguise
And some how you know that I

I adored you
Though I've never layed my hands on you
My eyes adored you
Like you couldnt see a million miles away
How I adored ya
So close, so close
So close and yet so far

You looked at me and saw a friend
You told me things at night
Have to pretend
That you didnt mean the world to me
And all the while behid the scenes
I cried with you, relived your every dream
(yes I did)
In reality, your hopes fell through
Your dreams ran wild at nighttime too
So tell me tell me baby
Was I a fool, Do Your eyes adore me too?

Oh yea
-Guitar Solo-

I adored Ya
My Eyes Adore Ya

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My Eyes Adore You Lyrics

Justin Guarini – My Eyes Adore You Lyrics