I remember the shirt I was wearing And the way I was staring
When I saw your face

And how I felt as unstable
As the patio table
That September day

And Madonna was playing
From a car that was waiting
For the light to turn

And it only took a minute
The love that had me in it
And the fire began to burn

It's insane, sane, sane
But I'd stand in front
Of a train, train, train
Just to hold your hand
In the pouring rain, rain, rain
Yeah I'd jump off a cliff, cliff, cliff
Just to kiss your pretty lips, lips, lips
I'd do anything I that gotta do
Just to be with
You, You, You

Well I'd seen you before
A couple times or more
I even called your friend

But when the stars were ready
You were always going steady
Up there on the fence

And when love came around
My guard was never down
I was quick on my feet

And I never would've thought
That I'd ever get caught
With my heart on my sleeve


Well I would run every stop sign
And I don't care
I would always be the first one there

Just to see that look in your eyes
When you know that you never have to, have to ask me twice


Just to hold your hand
Water your flowers
Hmm... Just to be with
You, You, You
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You, You, You Lyrics

Julianne Hough – You, You, You Lyrics

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