There's a darkness out between the stars that any eye can see
There's a deeper dark within me where no light will ever be
There's an empty place beside me where my lover ought to stand
There's a burning sun before me and the throttle's in my hand

Two days ago I lost him on a world without a name
As we touched the land to claim it for the thousandth time the same
And I left him but a moment, and I did not see him fall
I only know that I failed him, never heard his final call

I dug his grave in alien ground in the shade of an alien wood
And I touched him there one final time and I said what words I could
Let that cold world hold him gently, for he came so far to die
Then I took the ship that was our home and blasted for the sky

But deep space holds no comfort for one broken and alone
And our ship held only memories of the joys that we once had known
And I could not live without him in a life no longer whole
So I chose to die by starlight and let fire cleanse my soul

And now the screens grow blinding bright, the fires burn ahead
The hull around me whispers as it glows an angry red
There's a high cold wail behind me as if starships too could cry
But my hand is cold and steady, for the time has come to die

But now my love comes back to me 'cross gulfs I'll never know
And I hear his voice within me and I hear him crying no
And I pull the throttle to me and the forward thrusters burn
And the ship cries out in agony as she fights to make the turn

My vision starts to fail me as the forces mount and grow
And I wonder when the ship will fail and I wonder if I'll know
Then the screen before me darkens and a coolness strikes my face
And there's nothing left before me but the endless depths of space

There's a darkness out between the stars that any eye can see
But there's light within that darkness touches even a fool like me
For I know my love forgives me and I know he loves me still
Once we roamed the stars together. Now I know we always will
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Darkness Lyrics

Julia Ecklar – Darkness Lyrics