What you gonna do when your world is finally over
Watching from afar and the future is not looking so great

Ba da da da da ba ba (x4)

Each and every day brings another headache
So turn on your tv and watch it all slip away

What you gonna do in the morning when you wake up and can't see the light
And how's it gonna feel to know you can't do anything about it
Shouldn't be any concern of yours you see
Hop in the car and go to the shopping mall with me

Entertainment (x3)
Entertainment (x3)

Put it all on credit
Take it and forget about it

You know it's not your fault they say that things aren't gonna get better
So get yourself online and watch your life slip away

Ba da da da da ba ba (x4)

Watch it on the screen it all look so nice and glossy
You better hurry up the bar is just minutes away
Careful not to look up from your cellphone today
Just send a text and ignore what anyone's really got to say

Entertainment (x3)
Entertainment (x3)

Don't let your battery run out
'Cause you might find out about
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Entertainment Lyrics

Julandrew – Entertainment Lyrics

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