Hi my name is what my name is who my name my name is Santana.
verse 1
Hi guys do you like my life guns , pussy,drugs the high life are there any one of those three you don't like number 2 pussy are you gay do you like guys are you one of those dudes who sleep with a night light bright bright so the bed bugs don't come out and bite bite. i thought you was gangsta oh i forgot that was an image drawn on a paper now im gonna erase ya.step back you rap dudes the game is hungary i bring the steak and you make the fast food. my brains mixed up that's why i spit stuff to make a chick at a strip club give me a tip cup after i tip wanna crave it and get dug but guess what you'll be the one digging it you idiot you'll start bleeding like a chicks period im serious.and ive been watching you rappers acting you rappersare still in my way your swagga jacken and im not surprised but im here to tell you i already got a son so stop it guys don't bother nigga im a father nigga go look for someone elsa to be your father figure. i do this nigga and i do this well but im a stop it now and leave it for you to tell
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Hi My Name Is Lyrics

Juelz Santana – Hi My Name Is Lyrics