Verse 1
Feel like it's my fault, handle pain with brew,
It's alright (uh) you don't see the inner bruise,
Ralphy D approve, the kid so cool,
Walking above water in my fucking nike boots,
Aint it a shame? You lost in this game
'Cause they forgot you in my rise to fame,
A lot of shit change, but you stay the same,
You call it being true, I call it being you
Only two letters of change one down for you,
Four to the right for me, aint they fuckin' see?
No insurance so this is my therapy, this my stress relief:
Stolen bottles of J. D. And a little weed,
Cause you'll probably never ever see my wrist bleed,
Everynight phone calls probably make you sick of me,
But you the reason moms can't get a grip of me, ya see?

Ohhh gon' put the blame on me
Cause it's my fault right,
Tell me what you dream,
When you sleep at night,
I'm sorry sorry,
Cause I love to see you cry,
Say it be alright,
But that's just another lie

Verse 2:
You don't give a damn,
Then I don't give a fuck,
We know girls who winners,
But they love to suck,
Let emotions go, why they stay deep?
They in the same place, in the same street
On the same ave, on the same block,
You in the same mind, but on a different c***.
Why you waist my time we on a different watch,
I'm rolex, and now you gotta deal with G-shocks,
And rebox, I'm everything that they wish so please stop,
I pee rocks, I mean kidney stones, after no figi water
And all this patron, to sip the pain away until the morn(ing), guranteed on the island you wont find my clone,
The typ to buy a condo and never be home,
I think you kinda lucky I aint using this needle,
I'm headed to the top puta so this the last time I see you.
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Blame Me Lyrics

J.U. – Blame Me Lyrics

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