Caught up in the daily grind
Hard to find some peace of mind
'Round here lately

Trying to escape the beaten path
To near the wrath of the world
It just had me crazy
Ooh crazy

Just something to look forward to
Along with you
I still get lost in you baby
It's always you, baby

It's all that comes together
We're meant, two animals
We've got something sacred
You've become a ritual
Our spirits feed each other
We never get our fill
Onward for your sweet religion
You've become my ritual

When I am with you all time stands still
If I had the will then
Pressure just doesn't phase me

You more than take my breath way
You captivate, we levitate
You amaze me
Ooh baby


My ritual
I want you baby

Celebrate the love we found
Make my world go round
In your arms where I belong
Makes me love all night long
All night long

You're all I see
Heaven's here with me
Need this time alone
Send my spirit free


My ritual
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Ritual Lyrics

Journey – Ritual Lyrics