Get up cause it's morning cousin. they found your mother in a ditch all tore up! then it starts snowing, it's too cold and my arms itch. NOSEBLEED!!! now all that "bright white's" blood red.

now i dont know but oh, i got that feeling that says this is it.

every time i look outside i see that lone sun shining bright, makes me sad to be alive. every day it's just that same old gray staring back at me, so why do i keep on living?

intense a rush now to the head of blood that flows oh-so-intense through our hearts, so rhythmic. it strolls our veins so effortless and keeps us entertained and interested.

singing that same old lover's song about a heart strung out too long. it just stops.

it's a real shame cause we almost got clean.

singing that same old lover's about a heart strung out so long it just stops
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Keep On Living Lyrics

Josephine – Keep On Living Lyrics