You've tried saying everything you think I want to hear
Picked up your calls one too many times
The reception where I am isn't all that clear
So I'll tell you while I have you on the line

I think I'm breaking up
Not because I'm out of range
Or that every other word I say
Ain't getting through
I think I'm breaking up
Now this conversation's done
Incase you didn't know I'm the one
You're 'bout to lose
Baby I'm hanging up
'Cause I'm breaking up with you

We lost our connection when you let her come between
Everything we had up 'till now
What's that you're saying boy?
I'm not trying to be mean
But your apologies are cutting out


Don't bother calling me again
We didn't lose our signal in the wind
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I'm Breaking Up Lyrics

Jordyn Shellhart – I'm Breaking Up Lyrics