I'm not tryin' to pretend
I'm not one for givin' in
To do anything just to be your friend
What ever you expect from me
Think about it carefully
Before this relationship begins

Should I kiss, should I tell
Should I act like someone else
Is it safe to be myself

All these things are constantly
Knocking at my window oh, oh
In a crowd of choices
It's obvious to me
The moral of the story is
That I make my own reality

Yea, I'm not trying to be cool
Or tellin' you what you should do
You gotta find out just for yourself
I only know what's right for me
The promises I want to keep
But every day it's something else

Should I drink, should I smoke
Should I lie so I can go
To the party down the road

[Chorus: x2]

Nobody else can live my life
It's my decision
Nobody else can tell me
If I fit in if I belong, feel good enough
And the list goes on and on, and on and on
And on

[Chorus: x2]
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My Reality Lyrics

Jordan Pruitt – My Reality Lyrics

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