Everytime I see a sign, you could say
It's a coincidence
And you could say I dream them up
That it makes no sense
But I don't really think about it I don't really know about it I can't begin to doubt it I don't need clearance

So let's try to levitate our minds Learn to appreciate this time So let's stay up late, go outside Look, listen, touch and feel, the signs Learn to let go of the wheel, sometimes Learn to believe in what's real, use our eyes Let's learn the language

I know we can learn to stay awake
To see the signs tonight
A message from somewhere that everything's
All right... (It's all right... 4x)
Think about it
Learn about it
We all kinda know about it
We could get lost without the signs
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Sign Language Lyrics

Jon Peterson & Donna Dennihy – Sign Language Lyrics