[Jon B]
Oh, I see you're not afraid
To show me your love girl
I hoped this could be the day
That we get together again
Love I'm so amazed
That you gave me the okay
To do it again
For us to do it again

[Gina & Jon]
Let's go back to the night
We made love till the sunrise
It feels like our first time
We stayed up all night
We stayed up all night

If you could read my mind
And see where my heads at
Surely you would know
How I feel
I could feel like this forever, ooh
Nobody's love me like you did, baby ooh

[Jon B] Waking up next to you girl
Girl you're sweeter in the morning time
[Gina] Feeling the butterflies
My eyes filled up with tears
When we intertwined
[Jon B] Ooh, ooh baby
There's so much I feel with you
When your body's laying next to mine
[Gina] Touching me softly
Melting into me
[Both] Let's just do it again

[Chorus] till end
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Up All Night Lyrics

Jon B. – Up All Night Lyrics

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