So he started out takin' you out
Doin' what any man would do
Sayin' any and everything to just get wit you
I can't say I blame him for a girl as fine as you

So he played you out, ain't no doubt
He was runnin' game on you
After all the fun he was through with you
Any way that it goes down girl, he's the one that's gonna lose

Don't cry lonely girl
If you need somebody girl
I know you feel deserted
And you can't find your way back home
I will show you girl
The way that love should feel
You ain't suppose to be hurtin'
And you don't have to be alone

It was hard enough, growing up
Being as beautiful as you
Trying to save your love for the one that's true
It's not always so easy to know what's right to do

It's your first mistake, you can't make
Make someone be down with you
Why do you even take the time out to call that fool
When you know deep in your heart that he don't care 'bout you


Oh you can dry your eyes
Pick yourself up and say bye bye
(Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye)
Oh spread your wings and fly
You don't have to hear another lie
Just so long as you know
The world is waiting there for you it's yours
It's all yours

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Lonely Girl Lyrics

Jon B. – Lonely Girl Lyrics

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