I like get up
With my partner in crime
We love to dress up
And have ourselves a good time
We have an understanding
She can never be mine

We get on so well
There's no pressure on us
It's a relationship
Based entirely on trust
No complications
You will never see me focus

Come around eleven
And it's time to go home
I'm going her way
But I can't leave her alone
But she's looking at me
As If I'm someng she owns

Jane's getting serious (Jane)
Jane's getting serious
Jane's getting serious (Jane)
And I could get serious too

She introduces me
To all her freinds around town
She gets approval
I say I can't stick around
The writing's on the wall

So come around eleven
And we're on our way home
I can't leave her here
But I should leave well alone
Cause she is looking at me
Like I am something she owns


So I'm pretending I'm not
Caught in between
The devil and the deep blue sea
And I cannot believe
That I would ever admit
That I could take Jane seiously

Come around eleven
We're still on our way home
All dressed up
And nowhere to go
But all along
I should have relly known


Jane's getting serious...
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Jane's Getting Serious Lyrics

Jon Astley – Jane's Getting Serious Lyrics

Songwriters: JON ASTLEY
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