I lose all control
When you grab a hold
And you do your trick
I love it when you... Lick

You got lock and key
Every part of me
Know what makes me tick
I love it when you... Lick

1st verse
I'll put my heels on for you baby (oooh)
Ones that'll wrap all around my leg
Your every touch excites me
And dammit I ain't too proud to beg
And even when you're not around me
The tingling just won't go away
Don't make my body wait no longer
Because this pussycat's here to play, play, play, play, play...


2nd verse
It feels so good I'm going crazy
My eyes roll back inside my head
Explore my inner walls of pleasure
And hold on tight, hope you ain't scared
I promise I'll return the favor
I'll do that trick you can't resist
2 rights don't make a wrong
Makin' love til the break of dawn
And the oceans all up in a twist, twist, twist, twist, twist...

1st verse

Da da da da da...

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Lick Lyrics

Joi Campbell – Lick Lyrics