(J. Tempchin) © 1976

It's late at night and we're all alone,
just the music on the radio.
No one's comin', no one's gonna telephone.
Just me and you and the lights down low.

We're slow dancin', swayin' to the music.
slow dancin', just me and my girl.
Slow dancin', swayin' to the music.
no one else in the whole wide world,

Just you, girl.

And we just flow together when the lights are low,
Shadows dancin' all across the wall.
Music's playin' so soft and slow
The rest of the world's so far away and small, when...

repeat chorus

Hold me, oh hold me, no, never let me go.
And as we dance together in the dark,
So much love in this heart of mine.
Whisper to me, hold me tight.
You're the one I thought I'd never find,
And now...

Repeat chorus
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Swaying To The Music Lyrics

Johnny Rivers – Swaying To The Music Lyrics