Written by John Mellencamp
Well, we're droppin' our bombs
In the southern hemisphere
And people are starving
That live right here
And they're tearing down walls
In the name of peace
And they're killing each other
In the Middle East
But love and happiness
Have forgotten our names
And there's no value left
In love and happiness
They raise the price of oil
And they censor our mouths
If you are a young couple today
Forget buying a house
And we wage or wars
In the neighborhoods
We kill the young to feed the old
And man that ain't no good
So, if you sell arms
Or you run dope
You got respect
And you got hope
But the rest of us die
On your battle fields
With wounds that fester and bleed
But never heal
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Love And Happiness (London Club Mix) Lyrics

John Mellencamp – Love And Happiness (London Club Mix) Lyrics

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