There are times when silence is golden
There are times when words are misunderstood
There are times we can't abort our feelings
I'll she'd light on the truth, regardless of my shame

And when all is said and done
There is only an audience of one
And all that I long to hear
Familiar and ever so clear
When you say these words to me...

I'll love you forever
I'll love you untill time marries you
I'll be there to hold you when you fall

And in a moment I will be waiting
And in a moment You will be there
I belong to what's true and what's loving
I belong to You without a care

And maybe when I don't hear You
It doesn't mean that I'm not listening
Your words will go straight to my heart
Familiar and oh so clear
When You say these words to me...

(Repeat Chorus)

You hear when I call out loud
You hear when I call in silence
And here I stand center stage
With You alone as my audience
You've heard my every song
So don't make me wait too long
Till I hear You say again, I love you

(Repeat Chorus)
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I'll Love You Forever Lyrics

John Elefante – I'll Love You Forever Lyrics

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