After the gold
After the pride there was nothing left to hide
I took my bolt into the night and cried out for salvation
She heard a voice I heard the stars
I throw myself into the lies
God brad down fashioned me for once a duller day

So you my lady bittersweet you are the greatest love I've met
I'm sorry if my concious feels tonight
And when you sing your lullaby you feel the blues and the cry but I slumber
Safe within tonight cause the bittersweet has always felt so right

Tare me apart show me what's in red vane of christain blue vane of king
Sometimes I trimble in fall apart cause I can still remember how it was like
To live on the shore with pearls and things that I adore
But I was born to love you free in pure of lacko quee


So sings about the sun
She sings about the moon
Why live in betrades and in blues so deep in blue and true yes she has seen the two

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Bittersweet Lyrics

Johan Östberg – Bittersweet Lyrics