Greet me with your eyes
You know I've come to love your disguise
Your coffee mug embrace
And the glow, it's so so warm
And you stumble in the night
And you take whoever holds tight
You're a wrecking ball in flight
And you're knockin everybody down

Under the hazelnut moon
I know the end is coming soon
Oh the things that you do
You bring me down slow and I can't let go
No I can't let go

Oh you got me where you want
I can't get up and turn around
I sink into despair
As your sweet taste filters down
You leave me frozen by your side
As you slip into the dark night
I sink a little deeper now
Oh your sweet taste lead me down


Oh you bring me down
Hazelnut moon
I breathe harder now
My memory of you


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Hazelnut Moon Lyrics

Joel Willoughby – Hazelnut Moon Lyrics

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