[Joe] Do you know the Muffin Man? That's the best question we've had all day! "Do we know the Muffin Man?"
[Kevin & Joe] I wish
[Kevin] That lives on Dreery Lane?
[Joe] I know--
[Nick] Dreery lane?
[Kevin] That lives on Dreery lane.

I know the Muffin Man
I know the Muffin Man
I'm the only one knows him
Knows him
Knows him
He lives on my street
Muffin man

[Joe] I wonder if the Muffin Man is a girl
[Kevin] Like the muffin woman--
[Joe] Like, Oh, Yeah, of course he has a girl! *Fake laughs*
[Nick] *laughs*
[Kevin] No, he didn't saya girl. He said grill as in teeth grill.
[Joe] Well, then he does. Because he has a muffin grill! Put the muffin on the--
[Nick] It's not a muffin grill. It's a grill. It's a--
[Kevin] *laughs*
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Muffin Man Lyrics

Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers) – Muffin Man Lyrics