She might be
Living in Dallas
Or Denver, Colorado
I know she likes it cold
She might have packed and moved back
To Alabama
There's no tellin' where she is
But there's one thing I know

She's a whole lotta gone
And we're a whole lotta through
How can I hold on
When there's nothing to hold on to
There's a whole lotta difference
Between love and alone
And when you add up the distance
She's a whole lotta gone
Well I was wrong
And I admit it
I took a lot for granted
Just a little at a time
But I still can't believe
She went and did it
At night I dream
Where she might be
Just to wake up and find

I know she ain't comin' back
That's just the way it is
Say it any way you want
But it comes right down to this

When you add up the distance
She's a whole lotta gone
She's a whole lotta gone
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Whole Lotta Gone Lyrics

Joe Diffie – Whole Lotta Gone Lyrics

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