While other things lose their luster, this will stay with us forever,
The hours passed, but time's not wasted...
These hopes and dreams we've relied on
Are slowing turning into everything we live for.
If I could spread my sympathy,
Then you'd begin to understand it's in the givers' takers hands and I said...
Observe the actions shown,
But be careful of deception and make it all your own.
It's 4 a.m. and everything is black,
We're trapped inside these four walls, and I've never been happier.
An empty hotel room and pressed for time,
These last hours will make or break it all, we'll rise or take the fall.
As long as we have this, we've left nothing behind,
We'll stare into the sun until we feel blind.
We'll turn up the radio and drive while we live it up and lose track of time.
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Bowzer's Castle Lyrics

Jinxed – Bowzer's Castle Lyrics