I've been up around the stratosphere
At 31,000 feet
I'm gonna fly on out of here
On wings that you can't see
If you're gonna fly high without fear
You're gonna have to learn to love the atmosphere
And you gotta learn to use those wings
That you can't see

I've been shreddin' on the mountains of the moon
On a weekend whim
I've been looking out for life on Mars,
Ground control to Major Jim
All these things could be yours too
If you'd just take another point of view
Everybody's got a pair of wings that they can't see

I've got wings that you can't see
I have wheels on my feet
Way up high I feel free
On these wings you can't see

I don't need no runway, I've got fuel here in my bong
I can buzz at treetop flier level all day long
Now I'm looking down on tiny cars,
Tiny swimmers in the water
And tiny beach bars
And all because of these wings that you can't see


Maybe if you open up your mind
You might learn some things
God only knows what you might find
Floatin' on those wings
You can try to fly away from all your problems

I'm here to say
That ain't the way to solve them
I can only help you with your wings
That you can't see

We have wings that we can't see
We have wheels on our feet
Way up high we'll be free
On these wings we can't see
You have wings look and see
Silver wings like Merle and me

Come on up, to cloud 9B
Come on take a little taste of freedom
High up in a cloud land kingdom
Take a little trip on wings that you can't see
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Wings Lyrics

Jimmy Buffett – Wings Lyrics