Well we're,
I said we're traveling at a speed of a reborn man
We got a lot of love to give
You better come on if you can
So I talk about love
They try to run away
Check yourself out baby
And then come with me today
Mmm mmm good lover
Over here
Dooooo yeah!
Dooooo yeah!

Mmm so good
Yeah, oh so tasty
Here comes a woman
Wrapped up in chain
You're foolin' with that fool baby
You put your life in pain
If you want to be free
Come on along with me
And leave the hard headed man
He'll never understand
I said a find yourself first
And then your talent
Work hard in your mind
For it could come alive
Then prove to the man
That understands
The eyes are god

Come one baby

Doodoo doodoo...

Everybody memorize
Everybody love a lot
Everybody here today

Yeah, yeah
Come on baby
Come on
Come on
Fly with me baby
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Message Of Love Lyrics

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Jimi Hendrix – Message Of Love Lyrics

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