It was 1964 in a raging winter storm
When two strangers met by chance
To share a little warmth
In that crowded corner restaurant
'Neath that blinking traffic light
It didn't take too long to see
That love was at first sight
And from that moment on
They were together night and day
He finally got the nerve one night
To take her hand and say:

Where have you been all my life
When you could have been here by my side
I've had this love deep inside
Waiting for someone to give it to
I'm hoping that someone feels just like I do
So where have you been all my life

So many years had passed
And looking back they knew
That they made the right decision
What else could they do
How could they have raised a child
When they were kids themselves
A secret for so many years
Stayed locked upon the shelf
And then one cold rainy night
They had both just gone to bed
That secret knock upon their door
They opened then and she said


Where have you been all my life?
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All My Life Lyrics

Jim Witter – All My Life Lyrics

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