Tell me how you'd feel
If I was, If I was go'n,
Tell me how you'd feel?
Tell me how you'd feel
If I was, If I was go'n,
Tell me how you'd feel?
What if I was go'n forever?
No more chocolate kisses,
No nappy dugout ever,
No mamma, no daughter, no sister, no
No sister friends
Tell me my brother,
What would become of you then?
What if, poof, every black female in the world
Your man-child left unattended
Lost without no one behind the steering wheel
Tell me, hmm mmm,
C'mon, how would that make you feel
C'mon, c'mon, help a sister say


Your beautiful brown would be forever go'n
With no more cocoa wombs to carry your
Brown on
You right there, would be the last of your kind
Can you feel this song? How does that
Affect your mind?
Cause if there was no me, there'd be no you
Ooo can you feel me, is this song coming
What if, poof, every
Black female
In the world
That's the science in it,
But it's so much more intense
Reach into your soul for the answer
Reach wherever you need to, to find it


Say you be tripping,
Say you pimping it,
Talking 'bout how you "Da Man"
What you are is something different
By-product of when "Massa"ruled your life
Spreading babies everywhere
Couldn't think, couldn't care
But you can now
You can, you can
C'mon and man up
Damn it, Tell me how you'd feel?
No mamma, no daughter


[Repeat with adlibs until fade:]
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How It Make You Feel Lyrics

Jill Scott – How It Make You Feel Lyrics

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