This could have been just another day
But instead we're standing here
No need for words it's all been said
in the way you hold me near
I was alone on this journey
You came along to comfort me
Everything I want in life is right here



This is not your ordinary

no ordinary love

I was not prepared enough

to fall so deep in love

This is not your ordinary

no ordinary love

You were the first to touch my heart

Made everything right again

with your extraordinary love


I get so weak

when you look at me

I get lost inside your eyes

sometimes the magic is hard to believe

but you're here before my weary eyes

you brought joy to my world

set me so free

I want you to understand

you are every breath that I breathe


From the very first time that we kissed

I knew that I just couldn't let you go at all

From this day on, remember this:

That you're the only one that I adore

Can't we make this last forever

This can't be a dream

cause it feels so good to me

Chorus x2
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No Ordinary Love Lyrics

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Jennifer Love Hewitt – No Ordinary Love Lyrics

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