Whisper:murder inc
What's my mother fucking name?
Blowin back on this mary jane i'm analyzingthe game.
(Ana the gamedone unchoseme.)
Bring painto pussy niggas and pussy. holes they one in the same
(Ever since you told me)
There's only room for 2 i been making less room for you.
(Now only GODcan hold me)
Hug me,love me,judge me,the only man hoves above me.......

I met so many men,
Its like they'er all the same.
My appetite for lovin'
Is now my hunger pain!
And when i'm feeling sexy
Who's come for me?
My only problem is,
Their insecurity.

Are you tierd of bein' alone.(Yeah,Yeah)
Sick of argiin'on the phone.(Yeah,Yeah)
Why you telling all ya friends.(Yeah,Yeah)
Bout your nigga don't understand..my love.

'cause I'm real.
The way you walk
The way you move
The way you talk.
'cause I'm real.
The way you stare
The way you look
Your style your hair.
'cause I'm real.
The way you smile
The way you smell
It drives my wild.
'cause I'm real.
And I can'tgo on without you.

[Ja Rule]
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I'm Real (murder Remix Featja Rule) Lyrics

Jennifer Lopez – I'm Real (murder Remix Featja Rule) Lyrics