It's like the most amazing sunset you've ever seen
There's never another quite the same
It just falls into some deep eternal sea
Like the end of a movie that makes you cry
You're sad when it's over but you're glad you had
That moment that moved you deep inside

Beautiful goodbye, baby goodbye
I enjoyed the ride, we really had us a time
It's a strange kind of high
A beautiful goodbye

An standin' here watchin' you drive away
We were so grown up about it all
But how will it look in the light of day?
I miss you already but don't turn around
It's funny how you know when it just won't work
And how letting go can echo the sweetest sound


So ironic, and so confusing
To do the right thing and be losing
I'm always stuck with choosing
And ain't that just like life?
Hey yeah, hey yeah


Goodbye, yeah
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Beautiful Goodbye Lyrics

Jennifer Hanson – Beautiful Goodbye Lyrics

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