Desire, the feeling so clear
It sings in everything you hear
Desire, the feeling you never lose
It's always something new
And it's waiting for you to follow through

We all have a song, life is the dance
And right or wrong, we will all take the chance
Now is the time, the time is right
We've got no reason to wait, let's do it tonight
This is the night, tonight is the time
Bring the dream to life and let it shine

Desire, follows and leads the way
Like night follows day
Desire, it's right before your eyes
No quesitons, no surprise
It's been waiting so long for you to decide


All the fantasies we keep inside
We'd love to live it, but we don't know how
Too late for yesterday, too early for tomorrow
That means it's gotta be now


This is the song, now is the time
Alone the love is gone, together it's yours and mine
This is the night, this is the song
Feel the love again, it's where we belong.
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Now Is The Time Lyrics

Jefferson Airplane – Now Is The Time Lyrics

Songwriters: GRACE SLICK
Now Is The Time lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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