When I first started falling
Through the hole in the sky
Man I was traveling like I'd never known
And it didn't really hit me until I hit the ground
That I was a long long way from home
Then I was awakened by a tender kiss
A healing hand and a place to start
And all I kept thinking
Was how am I going to get out of this
Without breaking somebody's heart
And the world keep turning around

Well I got pretty good at walking upright
Learning to talk and going to school
I worked real hard for very little money
I worked even harder at breaking the rules
I saw some things that I shouldn't have seen
So hell I went back to see them again
I laughed until I cried
I cried because I missed you
And I felt nearly human now and then
And the world keep turning around

A lot of people talking
About the end of this earth
Because some old indian chiseled a stone
Have no fear children she'll be here
A long long time after we're gone
See I spent a lifetime searching the skies
To see if I could spot some sign from home
And one of these days when my work is done
I'll head on back there where I come from
And the world keep turning around
And the world keep turning around
Around and around and around
Yes she does
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Immigrant Song Lyrics

Jeff Black – Immigrant Song Lyrics