I've blown a lot of money in my life and time
On pretty girls and lawyer fees and beer
My truck ain't repo'd yet
My whistles staying wet
All my friends they see me spending but my checks don't ever clear

I'm broke, I'm broke
I said man alive, it ain't no joke
Lord knows my wallets getting pretty thing
I'm broke, I'm broke
I got just enough for snuff and smokes
And a 12 pk til I'm back on top again

My broke status don't preclude me from establishments like this
And if you're like me you'd probably do the same
See I ain't afraid to make for drinks with quarters
Dimes and nickels if I have to, is that what Obama meant by change?


I'm hoping this economy ain't always gonna suck
And I'm looking for my little bit of luck
So if you see me on the highway with my thumb out
It wouldn't hurt my feelings, if you went ahead and picked me up

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I'm Broke Lyrics

JB And Moonshine Band – I'm Broke Lyrics