You did me wrong
For the last time
And I took so much from you baby
But you really crossed the line
You know I ain't mad for nothing
I call my momma, she go to my cousins
And they ain't never liked you from the beginning
So listen I'm giving you only 10 seconds to go

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine baby we getting close
Just don't let me get to ten (oh boy)

You broke my heart
With all your lies
You really should look for an exit
'Cause you running out of time
You know that I can get crazy
When I go off ain't nobody to tame me
I'm throwing and breaking shit cussing and looking
For something to hit you
And you got 10 seconds to go


You pushed me here
My back's on the wall
There's no more tears
I cried them all for you, yeah, you, you
(I cried 'em all for you)
I honestly think that I'm being generous
Gave you my all and look what you did to us
Look how you finished us
So this is what I'm gonna do
10 seconds is all that I'm giving you


Just don't let me get to 10 oh boy
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10 Seconds Lyrics

Jazmine Sullivan – 10 Seconds Lyrics

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