Stupid stupid bitches boy-oh Patrick Star stop please
Patrick Star cemetary stupid boy-oh
No you don't Patrick, you idiot he can't be fuckaz
[Patrick Star motherfucka freeze face]
Patrick Star I can't believe it
(Alright get out in here)

Pearl: Four guys from the Jason Thugs-M-Futurama
These case number E901666
Squidward: Do you mind slackers fuckers lies
Cause be no lies for you back these helpers
Relax represent Philip J. Fry
Fry: Shut up
[Need the stupid bitches anymore]

Squidward: Can't see you my everyday this day

(Squidward laughs)

Verse 1: Philip J. Fry
Fail 'em no how this business
From the?
Dr. Zoidberg throat these shot are nose (Heeeeeeey!)
From the Mill' Nickstapz from the?
Just see me disgusting
From the shot we people
Feel the darkside the deep reef
Cloud, the shoot 'em head
Town deep from the killed too
I can't be killed me, jinx!

Verse 2: Dr. Zoidberg
Fallen' 'em I sweared, slippin' the hard
Killed him I kill 'em bitch
Disgusting trails now the hell from the witch
Everydone this 'em grave from the grave 'em from the pave from the grave
But evil we everyone
Bitch y'all dead bodies
From the?
I can't be killed me, jinx!

Bridge: [Philip J. Fry and Dr. Zoidberg]
Every 'em the Prince Paul no hook again just Fry and Zoidberg
I can't be killed me, jinx
[I told you me first from the hell anymore]

Verse 3: Bender Rodriguez
Robotic Voice the Bender Rodriguez from the Voice
No way everyday
It's the?
Ins the slug we plug
Crossroads these slash you hands around from the blood
Dog, violent?

(L. A., L. A.)
(L. A., L. A.)
(L. A., L. A.)
(L. A., L. A.)
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Dep 096' (The Gatekeeper) Lyrics

Jason Thugs-M-Futurama – Dep 096' (The Gatekeeper) Lyrics