Folks like me, they're always moving
It seems to be the only way to stay
There ain't nothin too strange or too confusing
It's better to change a little everyday
Some folks travel, some folks settle
Some folks own and some folks rent
Some folks marry, some just stay single
Everybody wonders where the money went

I don't wanna to live like a big shot rich man
I don't wanna to live like a branded slave
I just want to give some land to my children
So they won't have to buy my grave

I want to go back to California
I want to be in that state once more
When the floods come in and the quakes are over
I hope I'm not sittin' on the ocean floor
Gonna be with my friends back in Oklahoma
Gonna settle down on a piece of ground
I'll have 100 wives and a mess of puppies
I could live my life, like a natural hound


Gonna roll me a reefer, seven foot long
Smoke that reefer, I got turned on
I hocked a tape deck made in Hong Kong
I bought some more reefer, now my money's gone

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Big Shot Rich Man Lyrics

Jason Boland & The Stragglers – Big Shot Rich Man Lyrics