I knew the minute that I picked you up
It was gonna be a wild ride
You kissed me like you couldn't get enough
Barely made it outta your drive
Burn a little rubber at the red light
Got a little warning from the blue light
It's only going on 9 o'clock, but feels more like midnight

We ain't even turned up the radio
Aint been two miles down the road
The way you look at me baby I don't know
If we even gonna make it to the party
Yeah we gotta whole lotta' moonlight left,
Already have the time of our lives
And we're just getting started tonight

Girl you already got the window down
And you got your seat laid back
I ain't even made it halfway to town
And you already talking about a 6 pack
Already got your shoes off
And you talking about slippin' off
No we ain't even found your friends and
You already wanna get lost


Ain't had a drink and I'm tore up
Ain't even had a taste of your love
Girl the crazy thing is
We're just getting warmed up

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Just Gettin' Started Lyrics

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Jason Aldean – Just Gettin' Started Lyrics

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