Woke up this morning 10 o'clock or so
And B2K is on my radio
And my head still hurting from late last night
'Cause my shorty did my braids too tight
Hop out the shower, throw my sweat suit on
Lace my Tim's grab my sidekick phone
Look out the window all the clouds are gone
So I call my boys it's time to get it on

Right now the mood is so right
My game, my life so tight
We do whatever we like
This is for the radio

This is for the radio
This is for the whips with the chrome 2-0's
This is for the shortys walking down the street
In them low rider jeans hot like oh

This is for the radio
This one goes out to the G's on lock and six below
To everyone holding it down
This one's for you

Out on the street everything is cool
Nobody tripping or acting a fool
There's Bar-be-Qs, dominoes
It's all good, up in the hood
We turn around and roll uptown
It doesn't matter that the sun is going down
We turn around and do the same thing that we did on yesterday
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Radio Lyrics

Jarvis – Radio Lyrics

Songwriters: Debarge, William Randall / Jordan, Etterlene / Debarge, Eldra P / Hall, Aaron Robin Iii / Gatling, Timothy William / Griffin, Gene / Riley, Teddy / Murray, Keith
Radio lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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