Now when the night falls,

I won't be there,

To cast a shadow on your wall.

Why do we act this way,

Somehow the light of day,

Makes our troubles seem so small.

We live & die like this,

I dare you to fight for it.

[Chorus: ]

In a perfect world.

Wouldn't be too late to make it right.

In a perfect world.

I'd be holding you so very tight. ahh ah,

In our perfect world tonight.

If you lay down your shield,

I won't hurt you.

Just let me show you how I feel.

Down deep inside my heart,

You know you left your mark.

No one can say that it's not real.

We live & die like this.

I dare you to fight for it this time.

[Chorus ]


The wheel keeps turnin'

And we're burnin' in the flames.

It's not wrong to hold on to love,

And let go of the pain. chorus
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Perfect World Lyrics

Jamie Walters – Perfect World Lyrics

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