Shot myself - ricochet
Crisis as an opportunity
Curtain call to loud applause
As you fall upon your sword

Wake up in a stranger's bed
Hangover and then some
Can't remember what was said
What's her name & what we've done
Wake up in a stranger's head
This one stresses income
On the rich list born and bred
Blames attached to every sum

Shot myself - ricochet
Crisis as an opportunity
Loud applause
Revealing the conceal - loser
Shot myself - ricichet
Crisis as an opportunity
Curtain falls to loud applause
The tattoo says it all
Hope and glory

Where is the peace and the whole
In a half life
I can't control my sabotuer
Call it my nature
Name it addiction
Kiss on the lips will
Soon turn sour
Innocence lost in the
Grip of a handjob
After the surge of ecstasy
I'm walking out the door
Hope and glory

Sh, sh, sh, shine like a ghost
Sh, sh, sh, shine to be
Loved the most
When you're gone your songs
Outlive your story

How many woes in the
Whole of a half life
Anything goes on the
End of a peace pipe
Overexposed in the
Curve of a half pipe
Caught in the grip
Of a solar flare
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Shine Lyrics

James – Shine Lyrics

Songwriters: Glennie, James Patrick / Gott, Lawrence / Booth, Timothy
Shine lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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