To all the tramp gold diggers
It's that nigga Mally G
Got a stretch limo
If you want to demo this info
When I rock you
I'm not about to knock ya
We could party all day
Until it's time to fuck ya, ya bitch
See, I'm gonna tell you straight up
No need to wait up
I don't want to be no man
Put a ring upon your hand
See, I can tell bout the way that you approach bitch
That you want a big dick up in your flow bitch
And then I ran true
Bitches like you
Did what I had to do
Then let you run true the crew
And all that cum in your mouth that ain't no needing
Slow down bitch, 'cause you're speeding
I like weed and cash
Rolling with my doggs on five
Claim them with a nine
Bitch coming down the dozing on a sunny day
And get done by Jamal

I will put this in the shortest term known to me:
Don't trust no bitch
I will put this in the shortest term known to me:
Don't trust no bitch

Bitches acting funny
Fuck that, it ain't no mater to me
See I don't tramp *tell them why*
I maintain my
And still shine
I know this chick named Fay
Just to always come true, fucking with my nigga Tay
*trick bitch*
But I don't give a fuck
Beside, this bitch was quite tight
And she had a fat right
So I pulled it to the side on day
She was rolling down the block, on her way to see Tay
Spaces shit of the topic
Told the bitch hope in
Got the bitch hot
And let em know who rock the smack the racket
Back and dizzy, I was gone
She said that her man was sleeping the next day, so it's on
The day passed
She came on the aftermath
Throw the bitch seen
Cucked the belly with the cream
And I opened the scene and the time flied by fast
At last, I'm about to put the dick up in the ass
She rolled dick to three in the morning
Then I said who long you've been blowing
And then she's all over my dick
And I ain't mad one bit


Make you want to kill a motherfucker

Lose your whole shit

Stinking ass bitches


Mally G got too much cash
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Don't Trust No Lyrics

Jamal – Don't Trust No Lyrics